Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Finding the Area of A Parallelogram

Hi, I'm Jessie, and this is my partner, Firoze. Firoze: That's FUR-OS-A. Sorry, she's very cautious when it comes to her name pronounciation. Okay, so, today we'll be showing you how to find the area of a parallelogram. Okay, so the first step is to measure the base or the width of the parallelogram.

Next, measure the height or the length of the parallelogram. Remember, the side isn't the height. Imagine a dotted line from the top corners to the bottom, the line is straight, measure this imaginary line, not the side.

Next you multiply the base by the height. As you can see, we've already started the equation.
Your answer should be 28 cm2. Noticted the 2 after the cm. This 2 stands for square. So your answer should be 28cm (squared).

Another way of finding the area of a parallelogram, is to put it on gragh paper. Count up al, the full squares that are in the parallelogram.

Notice some squares aren't full. Try putting the half squares together, and counting them as one.
So that's basically it. It's very simple, we hope we made it clear to you. That's all for now. Firoze and Jessie signing off. We'll see you next time on 6BD' s math blog. Chouw for now!.


Evan said...

Good Job! I Understood It Well Fir-Os-A! Great Pictures!


Evan said...
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taihyun said...

great job you guys and I am impressed with your work and I like those pictures that you put up there and try making more longer and explain more better.

gagan said...

Good job fir-os-a and jessie you did a really good job on the post. It made lots of sense and now I learned how to nfind the area of a parallagram before I didn't really now how. I also liked the pictures they were cool.

Ruby said...
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Ruby said...

Hey Firoze and Jessie! Great post it makes so much sense and sort of told me how to find the area of a parellelagram because i sort of didnt but sort of did. Also I liked the pictures.

karissa♥ said...

Hi gals! You did a very good job explaining how to find the area of a parallelogram. You did that by taking us step by step. For example, when you said you have to measure the imaganary dotted line, not just the side. You also did a great job on choosing the right picture with the right information. Over all you did a fabulous job!!!

Dillani☺ said...

hey jessie and firoze

you guys did a really great job on the post. but when you said you dont museur the diangle bla bla bla you should have out the line on the pic. you guys still did a very good job and keep it up!

p.s. fir-os-a everyone knows how to saye ur name lol

lara said...

heyy guys
you did a great job and it looked like you took your time great job and great pics.

later lara:P:PP

Taylor said...

Hey Fir-os-a, and Jessie!
You girls did awesome!
You took us through really good steps! Your both really good at this. Good Job!
Nice pictures too!

jagan said...

Good job!I really understood and i thought it was well written out. it was also very long and good!

JaCk said...

hey guys

AWESOME! i understood your blog very well, and it was very clear

Awesome pics


ilhan said...

Good job! I impressed with your work and it was easy to understand