Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Area of a Triangle

Hey, Jenna and Dillani here, we will be telling you how to find the area of a triangle. First, measure the base. Then, measure the height. Multiply base times height. But you’re not done!
You have to remember to divide by 2 because the triangle is ½ a rectangle or parallelogram. Here is an example of how to measure a triangle.


lara said...
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lara said...

you gals did a great job!! well done!you had good picz and everything! lol

later lara:P:PP

Jackson said...

Hey Guys
You did really well on your scribe!You explained everything in steps so great job! You guys did awsome☺☻:):D

Taylor said...

Hello Dillani and Jenna!
You girls did awesome!
I really liked the pictures.
It's also really easy!
Good Job!

taihyun said...

you guys did good job on your explaining.I'm impressed with your work, but please try to make it more longer and explain it more better and try putting more pictures in it. by the way good pictures.

Ruby said...

Hey Dillani and Jenna,
You guys did an awesome job!!! The pictures were great, you guys explained it so simple then doing it on and on and explained it perfectly.

Ruby said...
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jagan said...

i thought the pics were very good. it was awsomeand great.it was a good scribe!

Nicole said...

Hey guys! You did a great job and the pictures really helped, but you didn't explain them at all. I understood them because I already knew, but other people might not.

Evan said...
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Evan said...

Ello Thar,
I Liked The Explaining, Good Pictures And It Was Simple To Understand.

Peace Out♣

ilhan said...

Hey! You guy did great job on explaining how to find triangle's area but it was too short. Pictures were very good and easy understand.

Jessie said...

Hey gals! You did well, but maybe you could have explained a little better. I understood, but it was confusing at first.You had good pictures though.
Good job!

seok yong said...

you guys did a great job on the Area of a Triangle, and after you did baseXhieght you always have to idvide by 2 if it is triangle. and it is easy to do.

gagan said...

HiYou guys did a good job on your blog. It was simple and easy to understand and your pictures were good.

Good Job

JaCk said...

Hey Guys,

You guys did awesome, it was very clear and easy to understand!

Keep up the good work


Andrea's Math Journal said...

Hey Jenna and Dillani,

I think that you guys did a great job on explaining how to do it. Good job on the pictures they were great!


gagan said...
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Brenna said...

You guys did great on explaining how to measure triangle. I understood it perfectly. you guys also had great pictures. Great job!

hamza said...

on your post you did a great job. I like how you explained step by step! you did ansome job.

Matthew said...

Good job girls, you did an very good job on explaining how to find the area of a triangle great job!

firoze said...

hey jenna an dillani

i thought that your scribe was very well done (swell job)! but i thought that you could have made it just a little longer, but you still did a good job.

Lane said...

Hey guys not that you are a guy
but you did a really good job explaining it, and it was so simple I think some one from china could understand if they had a translator.
All in all you did a really good scribe

Lane said...

o ya good pictures

Erica said...

You guys did really well. It was simple and easy to understand! I luv the pics. Great job!

karissa♥ said...

Hey gals!!!
You did a great job on the blog! You explained very well and had good information. You also had great pictures which went well with your information. Over all, you did a fantastic job on the blog!!!

Brenden said...

Hey guys, you did really awsome, you used great mathematical terms and described your pics very well.

Great job

Ashliegh said...

Ello Girls,
you both did an excellent job on explaining you work i just had to read it once over and i understood the consept very well, what also helped you explain your scribe was having the pictures that also helped me alot!!
Well, Good Job.!.!