Friday, May 25, 2007

Equivalent Fractions

Hey! Today we'll describe how to find equivalent fractions. Before we start we'll introduce. I am Il Han and my partner is Tai Hyun. Let's start.Il Han: You guys know fractions. Right.Tai Hyun: I like to play ...."Il Han: Stop introducing."Tai Hyun: Let's just say we have one out of quater and then if denominator changes to sixteen then numerator changes to what??

You bet, if you don't get it then you might wanna listen very carefully. You guys know that 4 goes into 16 4 times which means you have to mutiply by four to the numerator. Every time if the numerator or denominator mutiplys or divide you have to do samething to numerator or denominator.

Another example:

Then I give you one more question. There was 5 out of 10. When 10 changes to 2 then 5 changes to what????

You bet. You know why?? Because denominator(10) divided by 15 and that means you have to do samething to the numenator(5). So the answer is 1 out of 2 or half so this is it. Thanks for listening folks. Bye-bye.

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karissa♥ said...

Dear Ilhan and Tai Hyun.

you did a great job on your post abouy fractions!!! Maybe you should make the post a little bit easier to understand. It was a little bit confusing.